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1 Poor Old Horse Collected by Jim Eldon from travellers at Appleby Horse Fair.
2 A Ballad for Katherine of Aragon A poem by Charles Causley. Tune by Alex Atterson.
3 Malt is Come Down Started life as a round, published in Thomas Ravenscroft’s Deuteromelia in 1609. Additional verses by Gregg Butler of Strawhead.
4 Bushes and Briars The first folk song noted by Ralph Vaughan Williams, from Charles Pottipher. One of the finest of English folk songs.
5 Two Sisters (Child 10) From George Fradley of Derbyshire. Question for law students: What criminal offences have been committed on these facts?
6 A Robyn A round that first appeared in the ‘Henry VIII manuscript’ (c1522) held in the British Library.
7 New January Man Dave Goulder’s wonderful song, updated to take account of climate change.
8 Roll on John The tune of “Roll on John” was collected in 1972 by Mark Wilson from Buell Kazee, Winchester, Kentucky. The words of “Poor Rail Road Boys” were collected by Theodore Garrison from Zane Baker, Zack, Arkansas, April 1941.
9 Cannily, Cannily/Little Piecer Cannily, Cannily was written by Ewan MacColl for the Radio Ballad, The Ballad of John Axon. Little Piecer is a poem by Gordon Allen North, tune by Dave Brooks.
10 Putting out the Dustbin By Sydney Carter. A lament.
11 John Barleycorn From the late Duncan Williamson via Arthur Watson.
12 The Belper Ferret Tune: The Toon o’ Kelso. Sung by Enoch Kent of The Exiles (LP New Voices From Scotland Topic 12T133, 1965) Words: Notts Alliance. Everyone will have heard of Jedediah Strutt of Belper. Surely.
13 Banks of the Bann Versions of the words are found on 19th century broadsides under the title “The Brown Girl”.
14 A Jug of This From W.A. Barratt, English Folk Songs (Novello [1891]). A version of “Ye Mariners All” from the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, but not quite as well known.
15 Lilly Written by China Forbes and Thomas M. Lauderdale of the wonderful Pink Martini. About a dog.
16 When I was in My Prime Collected by Helen Creighton from Enos Hartlan of South East Passage, Nova Scotia.
17 Second Carol One of two Britford carols collected by Rev. Geoffry Hill and printed in Wiltshire Songs and Carols


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